1st Greek Aquarist’s Board -Layout Contest

Greek Aquarist Boards (www.aquatek.gr) , organized this event under my supervision and management.It was a great  joy and honour for me to help organize this contest since it is one of my personal dreams to establish a successful and  annual Greek aquascaping contest.

The aquatic community embraced the event and the contest reached  79 submissions !

A very important note is the lack of financial support or sponsors. The prizes were only printed awards and certificates. No party or awarding ceremony, no aquarium goods and no official site. People participated to support the idea and for the joy to share their work , receive feedback from the judges and gain experience.

Aquascaping in Greece is upcoming the recent few years with a growing aquascaping community, decent number of entries in international layout contests, and many new talented aquascapers with passion and creativity.



The application dates started at 15 August 2010.

Closing date was at 30 November 2010

Judging and public voting 3 Dec-31 Dec. 2010

Announce of the results 15 January 2011


There were 4 categories:

-Small aquatic gardens under 100 liters

-Large aquatic gardens 101 liters and more.

-Biotope aquariums



The Judging committee consisted by 7  judges in every category, chosen according to their field of knowledge and experience. Every judge could give a maximum of 100 points and the max. total points of every submission was 7 x 100points=700 points by the judges.

Public voting

After the end of submissions, a multiple choice poll was created in the forum http://www.aquatek.gr. All active members could vote on multiple choice poll , and every vote had a value of 1 point.

The combination of judges score and public voting  determined the final scoring of every submission.

*The category Paludarium/vivarium had no judges and the results came only by the public voting.


The winners


Best of show : «Rubbin» by Pavlos Exadachtylos  (paulos-ex)

730 points


Public’s choice : «The lake» by Leonidas Maragkakis (leonm)


«Το καμαρι μου» by Ioannis Panagiotou (J.P.)



1st place

«Rubbin» by Paulos Exadachtylos (paulos-ex)

730 points

2nd place

«The wood and the sand» by Dimitrios Bouboutsaris (rottbea)

649 points

3rd place

«Blooming dreams» by   Mimis Galinos (Miμης)

627 points



1st place

«Nature» by Giannis Polychronidis (Giannis Pol)

729 points

2nd place

«Dream of nature» by George Karaiskos ( GIORGOSKARA)

707 points

3rd place

«Μedusa» by Stavros Tsionoglou (Tσιονογλου Σταυρος)

702 points



1st place

«Boλτες αγγελων» by Ilias Michalitsianos (imichal)

714 points

2nd place

«Rio Araca Biotope«  by Christos  Katsamakis (chris7)

704 points

3rd place

«North-east Papua , New Guinea- Safiacreek» by Dimitrios Ιoannou (dimis 1978)

702 points



1st place

«The lake» by Leonidas Maragkakis (leonm)

96 votes

2nd place

«Natura» by Antonios Stavropoulos (AQUA PURA)

49 votes

3rd place

«Microcosmos» by Alex Korakis (Raven)

47 votes


I have to give many thanks to all Judges and friends for their help.

Special thanks to my friend Vassilis (aka..in the pond) for creating and printing the Certificates and Awards. He did a great job !

Τhis is how the Cerificats and awards looked like:


Congratulations to all , winners and participants.

Until next year, keep aquascaping !!


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